A view of Haytor Rocks from Hameldown Tor. If you look closely on the right of the picture you can still see the remains of some of the large wooden struts that were originally put all over this area during the second world war to deter German landings. Many have rotted away but there are […]

A view of the Webburn towards the bridge at the junction with the River Dart. This is a great place to see the amazing bluebell woods and enjoy the sound of the river in relaxing surroundings.

Free as a bird!!! A paraglider soars on the evening thermals over Bell Tor and Chinkwell Tor near Bonehill rocks above Widecombe-in-the-moor. Dartmoor is a paradise for those with the freedom of spirit and the desire to take their leisure time in privileged surroundings. Almost any activity can be undertaken here.

A very cold May sunrise over Widecombe. 2 degrees at 5am but a beautiful early morning sight.

One of the hut circles at Grimspound which is one of the best preserved bronze age settlements on Dartmoor. An amazing place to sit and contemplate the past.

Rhododendrons (and other colourful things that I have no idea about or names for) are brightly lighting up our entrance at the moment. A spectacular show of colour and another beautiful day. Cold wind but the sun is out.

A wonderfully sunny day on Dartmoor. A photo of our conservatory with space for a cream tea or a glass of something stronger. Long may this dry spell of weather continue – but it is school holidays next week and we know what that usually brings!